What We Do

Arezidence is your all-in-one solution for promoting your residential project. We are a digital marketing company aimed at assisting real estate developers digitally market their estate, time and cost effectively. We specialize in an array of services that most firms have no capability of providing. Take a look at our process and find out what makes Arezidence so unique

Media Assembly

In the first stage we will make beautiful photos, drone and on-the-ground video of your property. Upon editing every piece to showcase the best features of your property, we will create a unique brand image for your specific project. With the use of graphic design, we will showcase the best features of your building and the neighborhood it's in. We even provide a full 3D tour of your space to give your project a visual edge from other listings.

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Website Creation

In the second phase, we will create a stunning website specifically for your project. Our in-house web designer will draft every page from scratch and work with you along the way to make sure the webpage comes out exactly the way you want it to be. Every page will be 'search engine optimized' which means your webpage will show up high in google searches. Thanks to our international team, we will make your website available in multiple languages - English, Czech, Russian, German, and more. Every individual page will be optimized for both desktop and mobile view.

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Digital Advertising + Listings

Once the webpage is ready, we will present you with the full marketing plan so your project can reach the biggest possible target audience, while remaining on budget. Thanks to the wide variety of media we already captured, we are able to create ads that truly stand out. We will advertise the project through mediums, including Google / YouTube Ads, Facebook / Instagram Ads. You will have quantifiable insights into how productive the campaign is, through Google Analytics.

Additionally, we have partnered with the top Czech realty websites to give you the best rates on ads, including sreality.cz & idnes Realty.

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In-Person Tours & Paperwork

Available to our clients in Prague, our licensed agent with over 20 years of experience in the Czech real estate market, will showcase your properties to prospective clients, and turn potential buyers into new residents of your building.

We know just how stressful it is for buyers to have all the paperwork organized. We have partnered with a law agency in Prague to offer full legal assistance with provision of the reservation contract, agreement on the future purchase, and the purchase agreement to your clients.

Mortgage Assistance

Thanks to the cooperation with the Raiffeisen group, one of the most respected in the Czech financial market, specifically represented by Lucy Dvořákova, head of the Raiffeisen Stavebni Sporitelna branch, we will offer the best way to finance your project.

Moving Furniture & Construction

At Arezidence, we want you to feel like your property is your true home. We cooperate with a successful construction company, with decades of experience, that will solve all your problems of repair, maintenance, reconstruction of your property.