How will coronavirus impact the Czech property market in 2020?

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- Outlook on property prices in CZ.

- Is it a good time to invest?

- What quarantine means for property demand.

- How supply of new housing will be affected.

- Thoughts on applying for a mortgage in 2020


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Dagmar Damkova

Real Estate Agent

Hear advice from one of the most successful real estate agents in the country. Dagmar has 15+ years of experience selling homes in the Czech Republic.

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Martina Rydlova

Law Firm Owner 

Martina is a world-class athlete and an expert when it comes to property  legislation in the Czech Republic. She runs her own firm in Prague and practices law herself.


Lucie Dvorakova

Raiffeisen Stavebni Sporitelna

Branch Manager

Lucie is an experienced professional in the banking / lending  industries. She has helped dozens of individuals purchase their new homes.

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